We can handle your case from the initial call and scene investigation through report preparation and testimony in court.


Processing a Scene

The dynamics of the motorcycle and the rider’s inputs and reactions may create unique marking on the road surface. Examination of the road surface for witness marks from the tire or sliding marks left by the motorcycle and operator on the road surface identifies not only the path the motorcycle followed, but may also indicate whether the motorcycle was upright. Example: a weaving motorcycle or a wobbling wheel may leave unique witness marks. Front wheel braking or rear wheel braking may also leave unique marks. Such witness marks, when documented, need to be identified and analyzed to help determine the mechanics of the accident.

Accident Reconstruction

The varying ability and experience of the rider, along with the fact that motorcycles are articulated single track vehicles, make motorcycle accidents difficult to reconstruct. Such reconstruction can best be performed by a person having significant motorcycle operating experience, a knowledge of motorcycle dynamics and experience in how to service and evaluate the mechanical condition of the accident motorcycle.

Mechanical Investigation

A detailed examination of the subject motorcycle for misadjustments, mechanical design caused by past repairs, manufacturing deficiencies including assembly of the motorcycle, any failed parts, and tire examination for proper fitment installation and condition are part of our investigation of motorcycle accidents. Attention is given to the tires on a motorcycle because they may reveal riding habits as well as a rider’s actions before and during the accident. The brakes may also be analyzed for indication of rider habits and operation patterns.

Witness Statements

To interview and understand the statement of operators and witnesses, a motorcycle reconstructionist must have an in-depth understanding of motorcycle dynamics, personal riding experience and understand the jargon used by motorcyclists. Our engineers and reconstructionists are able to effectively interview witnesses because they have a background in and personal knowledge of motorcycles.